What is Songster?

ANS: Songster is an entertainment based mobile app whereby members will record their creative videos and share in the app and other social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram. The app has a wide range of popular Bangla song collection, Funny Bangla dialogues, Funny creative filters, and much more.

From where will I download the app?

ANS. User needs to download the app from Google play and IOS App store.

Can the app run on both Android and IOS?

ANS. Yes, it is supported in both Android and IOS

Is there any activation or subscription charge?

ANS. No, there is no activation or subscription charge. Charges only applicable for buying coins.

Why do we need coins?

ANS. Coins are needed to buy songs and send gifts.

What should be the android version for this app to operate?

ANS. Android version 5.0 and above

Will I have to buy the same song again, if I want to make video using the same song that I have made few days back?

ANS. Yes, every time you make a video, you will have to purchase the music/dialogues.

Can I use the app offline?

ANS. No, you cannot. You must be Online

How can I purchase coin?

ANS. Coins can be purchased using Google wallet or by using bkask or Mkash or visa or master card or nexus or American express card.